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ATSTAR Assistive Technology Assessment Process Curriculum and the ATSTAR Administrator Training Provides assistive technology training for the general educator and administrator to address Federal requirements for Fair Access to Public Education. Isis Multimedia led the design team, collaborating with consultants across the nation, to develop this robust interactive multimedia curriculum, which uses Internet delivery coupled with a CD-ROM containing extensive video. Course included pre- and posttests for certification as Campus Assistive Technology Representatives.
Alternative Energy Curriculum Supplement
The Alternative Energy Research Education Division provides this curriculum to provide information on the chemistry of alternative fuels to supplement high school Chemistry classes. Originally a paper-based curriculum, Isis Multimedia facilitated the conversion to an interactive curriculum delivered on a CD-ROM. The interactive version features numerous animations and exploratory interactive activities.
Library of the Workplace
Designed to connect schoolwork and job activities and answer the question, "Why do I have to learn this?" Winner of the 2000 Texas Interactive Multimedia Award for Notable Achievement in Education, and the 1999 South by Southwest Finalist Award for Educational Web Site Competition.
USAA Educational Foundation
Provides consumer education to the general public, with the motto, "Good information for good decisions." The original version won over 3 dozen awards, including the 2000 Texas Interactive Multimedia Award for Outstanding Achievement in Public Service.
JP Morgan Chase & Co.
Client-Centered Relationship Management Developed for Chase Bank for internal training. Almost half of this eight-hour training course is video and audio clips that model behavior for high performers, delivered on CD-ROM. Winner of the 1998 TIM Award for Outstanding Achievement in Training.

Chase Home Finance
Second Mortgage Equity Training for Chase Home Finance Client Managers designed to address the benefits of financing options under the new home equity laws. Includes interactive gaming and vocabulary-building links throughout. Winner of TIM 2004 Notable Achievement in Training award.
JP Morgan Chase & Co. Chase Managing Risk in Commercial Banking Required original content creation extracted from questionnaires and interaction with Chase Credit Executives, and was tested in a classroom environment before being released in online format. Won Outstanding Achievement in Training in 2001.
As multimedia production manager at Texas Learning Technology group from 1986-1993, Pam Knight produced two major award winning products; TLTG Physical Science and TLTG Chemistry. Each is a full year curriculum designed to teach science at the high school level. They won over a dozen awards as innovative educational products.
Texas Women's Foundation
From Gutsy Mavericks to Quiet Heroes: True Tales of Texas Women includes a video, teacherŐs guide and CD-ROM for Texas history classes. The project incorporates over 300 historical photographs and videos and includes an original music score. ISIS Multimedia led all phases of development and production. Winner of the 1998 Aegis Award of Excellence.
ISIS Multimedia produced several products for Lemshaga BarnAkademi in Sweden, one of which was the BarnAkademi Assessment System. It was designed to allow a school to track complete curriculum content, including objectives, teaching strategies, proficiencies, classes, students, and scheduling information. The school was founded by Helena Wallenbery-Lerner, well-known for her vision and commitment in education.
"Client Server: The 10% You Need to Know" is a book and CD-ROM combination that facilitates understanding the effects of integrating client/server into an organization. Pam Knight served as instructional designer and project manager on this project that was produced for IBM Corporation.
Chase Securities of Texas
Compliance Training 1999. Provided certification for Securities Representatives to meet mandatory training requirements. Included content presentation and testing in a pleasing and fun visual design. Winner of the 2000 Texas Interactive Multimedia Award for Notable Achievement in Training


Plainview Press
Web site for Austin-based publisher, containing over 150 publications as well as the history of the company and online search capabilities. Previous versions of the site were disorganized and it sat dormant for over two years. Redesigned and posted site to go live including catalog page with visuals of all published book covers.

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