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Education and Training for Internet and CD-ROM - Instructional Design and Production

ISIS MultiMedia provides multimedia project consulting, design, and production services for CD-ROM and Internet interactive multimedia materials. Projects are taken from inception through all phases of development. Application areas include education, training and marketing presentations, interactive documentation, and interactive news releases, with an emphasis on CD-ROM publishing. ISIS MultiMedia also provides on-site training in multimedia or project-based mentoring for in-house start-up efforts. Specialized expertise includes:

  • Proposal development
  • Project management
  • Instructional design and content development
  • Graphics and media production
  • Programming

Project Cost Estimates

Project costs are based on the volume and nature of the work. Project costs are mostly dependent on three things:

  • Scope of the project: How much of what: Information, education, entertainment?
  • Level of interactivity: Simple menus or condition-based events?
  • Types and amount of media used: Audio, video, animation, images, text?

You can always adjust scope, interactivity, and media to fit a particular budget. ISIS MultiMedia staffs each project with professionals who are highly skilled and work quickly to finish a project. A rule of thumb is that each of the five categories below take about 20% of the total effort.

  • Project Management: Includes the producer, administrative, and legal support
  • Instructional Design: Includes content organization, script writing, and storyboards
  • Media Production: Includes video, audio, animation, stock images, music, sound effects, and digitizing all media
  • Graphics and Illustrations: Includes interface design, computer graphics, scanning, fonts and text placement
  • Programming: Includes all technical support to program, test, and deliver the master

Since every project is unique, we invite you to contact us for an individual estimate on your project.


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