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What are the Experts Saying?

Let's eavesdrop on some comments made by Government Agencies and private institutions.

Top government and private-sector analysts are issuing often startling reports about what's happening with commerce on the Internet. Here's what they're saying:

  • It took only four years for the Internet to grow to 50 million users. "That's ten times faster than radio, and even four times faster than TV," observes Internet consulting firm, Endless Adventures.
  • U. S. government research supports that bold statement. A recent report by the Department of Commerce announced a startling fact: traffic on the Internet has been doubling every 100 days!

That makes the Internet the fastest-growing communications medium in the history of the world!

And Internet users are not just looking. They're buying!

According to Banc-America Corp., annual per-person spending on the Internet in the year 2000 will be $99 - more than four times more than the $24 spent per person in 1997.

"A few years ago," explains George Anders of The Wall Street Journal, "the Web had a reputation as a digital attic, crammed full of sites offering bad poetry, vacation photos, and obscure product brochures. Now, though, it's coming into its own as a mainstream part of commerce. Websites are selling everything from ginseng to jet-engine parts, and new customers keep streaming in."



There is another way of looking at the world.

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