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Isis Interactive: An award winning company!

Although many Isis projects are large, Isis is committed to helping the small company use interactive technology at an affordable rate. We believe the Internet provides an opportunity never before available to help small businesses advance their presence and increase their competitive edge.

With a success track record since 1993, ISIS Multimedia provides consulting, design, and production services, taking projects from inception through all phases of development. Founded by a veteran interactive multimedia producer, Isis staff has pioneered multimedia applications for over 20 years, including mixed media in 1974 and interactive videodisc in 1986. Isis has won dozens of awards, including three TIM 2000 awards in March of 2000. Below are some of ISIS MultiMedia's most notable projects. -- This web site uses video and audio clips of people in the workplace to answer the question, "Why do I have to learn this?" for high school students. It was a finalist in the 1999 SXSW Educational Web Site Competition and won the TIM 2000 Notable Achievement in Education award.

http://www. -- This web site provides valuable consumer information to help users make educated financial decisions. It won the TIM 2000 Best of Public Service award.

Client-Centered Relationship Management -- For Chase Bank for internal training, almost half of this eight-hour training course uses video and audio clips to model behavior for high performers. This program won the TIM 1998 Best of Educational Achievement award.

Chase Securities Compliance Training -- This training program for Securities traders at Chase Bank won the TIM 2000 Notable Achievement in Training award.

From Gutsy Mavericks to Quiet Heroes: True Tales of Texas Women -- This award-winning video includes a teacher's guide and was distributed to all 7th grade history classes. The project incorporates over 300 historical photographs and video clips and has an original music score.

Lemshaga BarnAkademi in Sweden -- ISIS produced a Swedish multimedia overview of the technology-based school, and developed the BarnAkademi Assessment System, to track curriculum content, objectives, teaching strategies, proficiencies, classes, students, and scheduling information.

As production manager at Texas Learning Technology Group from 1986-1993, Isis founder headed production of the groundbreaking award-winning TLTG Physical Science and TLTG Chemistry interactive multimedia courses. Chemistry became the first state-adopted multimedia textbook in several states.


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